The Waiting Room Events
Date : 9 / Nov / 2017
Time : 10pm-4am

REALITI: Grimes Special

Be A Body Presents...

With 2012’s Visions, Grimes shot to fame and critical acclaim. With playful and imaginative production, hooks that come at you from every angle, lyrics bursting with imagery, and an undeniable but intelligent pop sensibility, tracks like Genesis and Oblivion were soon occupying every playlist under the sun.

Add to that her stunning creative prolificity, her strong and independent voice online, and always incredible visuals, and Grimes is pop star perfected. Then she released Art Angels, one of the most interesting, vibrant pop records of the decade.

Naming themselves after a Grimes song, it was never going to be long before Be A Body held an evening in homage to Claire Boucher. After the success of their first night earlier this year it really is time to celebrate the World Princess Part II. Get ready for every Grimes classic, as well as tracks from some of her main inspirations.