The Waiting Room Events
Date : 21 / Jul / 2017
Time : 10pm-4am

Skee Mask + Sonikku

Jaba Presents...


The DJ from Derby has made waves since his hard-hitting debut EP on Lobster Records back in September. Don’t doubt SONIKKU’s cheerier, washed out melodies, he’s not one to come light to the dance. With club-running percussion, a cutty bassline and more synths than Roland, SONIKKU is all about working the floor. He’s undoubtedly one of the most unique producers in his field, dipping back into the Nintendo ages to grab enough 16 bit sound chips to make Sonic pop in to the rave. Drawing influence from Madonna, to Soichi Terada, to Italo Disco – no one can dismiss SONIKKU’s eclecticism (plus he’s not afraid to put a Garage flip on a Nelly track). Expect a high energy, vibrant set to get you stepping.

>> Skee Mask:

Then to shake up the floor, Skee Mask has your fill of deep and smutty techno. Not only does his affiliation to the ever-growing liberal institution Ilian Tape speak volumes, but it also reflects his releases since joining last year which have been some of the most forward-thinking in the field (notably his much-lauded Shred LP last year). Coming with a combination of analogue and digital to give him that raw sound, whilst going extra lengths to program and completely re-stitch any sampling he uses, Skee Mask is a truly inimitable producer. His direction is mostly rolling rhythms, combined with electronic soundscapes, giving those warped ambient feels. Not only an outstanding producer but a true selector of the highest order, he draws influence from Detroit techno and 90s UK jungle & hardcore, as well as old school German labels such as Chain Reaction. His DJ sets are dub-laced and atmospheric much like a lot of his production, but reflect his versatility as he’s not afraid to switch it up and bring that scatty, acid fried breakbeat to trip you back to the dance.